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Commercial Locksmith

While running your business daily, you might face challenges with your locks, file cabinets, keys, and safes. In this case, you will be guided by the need to protect valuable assets or property, thus seeking the services of a professional commercial locksmith. So. Who will you call when such a need arises?

At Universal Locksmith, we offer 24/7 commercial locksmith services to residents of Atlanta, Dunwoody, EastPoint, Kennesaw, Mableton, Marietta, Sandy Spring, Lithonia GA, and Decatur GA. Our technicians provide commercial locksmith services to help keep your business valuables safe from burglars. We understand that entrepreneurs/ business persons need to be competitive and profitable every minute of their time. Our team is committed to promptly addressing any hindrances caused by your building’s locks or security system. We have experienced &trainedtechnicians and special tools to provide long-term solutions to small-scale and large-scale businesses.

What Services Do We Offer?

We are a phone call away whenever you need a certified and licensed commercial locksmith company! Universal Locksmith professional services like installing new locks, maintaining and repairing locks and keys, rekeying, duplicating or replacing keys, installing digital locks, and installing business safes.

Installing New Locks

Several reasons will make you get new locks for your business. Your existing locks could to broken or too old due to prolonged use. The locks could have been compromised because the employees lost or misplaced their keys. In such scenarios, the best solution is to install new locks to avoid risking the safety of your property or employees. Our technicians are experienced and qualified enough to select and install the best locks for your business. They can also advise you on quality and secure locking mechanisms for your doors.

Maintaining and Repairing Locks & Keys

Proper maintenance is also a necessity for locks, just like everything else. Frequent use of locks could cause them to break down or malfunction, thus putting the security of your business at risk. You need to regularly check for faults and ensure the locks are maintained to avoid malfunctions. Our commercial locksmiths at Universal Locksmith can inspect your locks for any faults that could lead to a breakdown and repair them.


There are circumstances that might require you to replace the keys instead of the locks. Our experienced technicians can advise you on the best course of action, depending on the situation. Rekeying is a bit more complex task than replacing a lock since the technician must have comprehensive knowledge of different lock systems and appropriate tools. At Universal Locksmith, we guarantee you quality services from skilled locksmiths.

Installing Digital Locks

Have you ever considered using digital locks since everything in this world has gone digital? We are talking about keyless door entry systems that do not require you to always walk around with keys. We all know that keys can be duplicated or stolen by people who intend to rob your business premises. Our technicians can help you set up digital locks and improve the overall security of your business and employees. With digital locks, we assure you that only authorized persons will access the building.

Installing Business Safes

Sometimes you might lose the keys to your safe or forget the safe combination. Well, commercial locksmiths are not just limited to fixing and installing locks on doors or windows only. They can also install, repair or replace locks on your business safes. Our commercial locksmiths at Universal Locksmith will ensure that your safe remains protected. Call us, and our technicians will ensure your safe is secure enough to protect your company valuables, trade secrets or sensitive business information.

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